This is a corded headset so you will need a bottom cable or an amplifier


It is the most secure headset on the market. No longer will you have to choose between a rugged corded headset or a Bluetooth only headset. If you’re in a call center environment or have really loud background noise, this is the best corded noise canceling headset. Another cool feature is the built in busy light on the headset so people know when you’re on a phone call. This is a corded headset so you will need a bottom cable or an amplifier. This headset is the newest addition to the noise canceling earphones/microphone headsets. When it comes to performance, the corded headsets leave the wireless ones far behind. The ideal headset for a call centers and landline telephones. Today we’re going to help you find the best headset for your landline telephone. For extremely loud environments here we have a dual ear circumaural corded headset. Similar to the above, if you’re in a mild to moderately noisy environment, this dual eared wireless headset will be an awesome choice. Corded headsets are the ones you buy when you want longevity and durability along with performance. So when purchasing a corded headset, it’s always best to check a compatibility guide or contact your headset vendor to check which one you need. All corded headsets require a bottom cable or an amplifier to work with your device. In addition, it has the largest battery capacity of all the wireless headset today (13 hours talk time) and long range (600. What makes this headset unique is that it has active noise canceling but it’s a corded USB headset. Used in homes and offices alike, the corded headsets are the best value for their money. This CORDED binaural (covers both ears) headphone has a little passive noise canceling (think of resting earphones over your ears without any sound playing). Our wide variety of corded and cordless solutions are great for any small business. This wireless Bluetooth headset would be great for a loud environment. Corded headsets enable you to work freely while on a telephone call by freeing up your hands. You can pair this headphone with a PC/USB switch that will enable you to use this headset with a corded desk phone. Smith Corona is the only headset manufacturer to include aFREE bottom disconnect cord* with each headset purchased! The best wireless headset on the market today. Binaural corded headsets provide better block out of general office noises, however, monaural corded headsets enable you to interact with others around you while you have your headset. But fear not, today we’re going to help you choose the right headset for landline telephones that best suits your needs.